Having the Talks

Multiple 5-minute talks is the easiest way to talk to your children about sex.



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Do you want to teach your children about sex, but you don’t know where to begin?

Would you rather your children learn about sex from you rather than their friends or the internet?

Do you want to overcome your own discomfort so you can talk openly and without reservation?

Are you afraid of doing it wrong?

Imagine if: 

You felt confident talking to your children about sex, their bodies, and relationships.

You knew what you wanted to teach, how to teach it, and when to teach it.

You knew how to respond when you did not know something.

You felt more comfortable regardless of how your children respond.

When your child moved out of your home, you knew you had said it all.


I make this a reality.


What you will gain from working with me

  • Tools to speak with greater ease about sexual health with your children
  • A plan for discussions on the topics you want to cover
  • The confidence to talk and answer questions regardless of how much you know 

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The Details

What you will get from the group coaching program

How often do we meet?

We meet weekly for 1 hour for 6 weeks. The next group starts in late January/early February. 

Where will we meet?

We will meet on Zoom as a group.


What will happen during that hour?

I will do about 10 minutes of teaching. The rest of our time will be spent asking questions, sharing thoughts and concerns, and getting coached.

Will we have to do anything outside of group?

You only have to do what you want. At the end of each session, I will give you some questions to explore on your own. 

What kind of things will be discussed in groups?

We will look at where you are at now, and where you want to be. We will discuss what holds you back from starting the conversations. We will discuss what those conversations may include, where they may happen, and how to start them. 

Will meetings be recorded?

Meetings will not be recorded. We want to create an environment of openness and confidence for all to share. After each class, you will get a summary of the teachings either in written, audio, or video form. 

What makes group coaching so amazing:

You meet other parents on a similar journey.

You create a community of support.

By hearing others, you have more ideas for reflection and exploration. 



Who this group is for: 

Parents who want to play an active role in their child’s education of sexual health and relationships.

Parents who want to have a plan on what to teach in a way that reflects their values.

Parents who want to feel more confident talking to their children about sex.

Parents who want to get the conversation started.


Who this group is not for:

Parents who want to be told exactly what to say and do.

Parents who want somebody else to talk to their children.

Parents who want to try to control who their children are and what they do.


What if I'm not ready to talk in a group?

No problem.

I offer 1-1 coaching as well. 

With 1-1 coaching, we will focus on your specific goals and concerns. 

Just like in group coaching, we will create a plan for you to start talking to your children. You will have an idea what you want to discuss, and how. 

The only thing that you could possibly do "wrong" is not do anything.

Coaching Options

Pick the option that best fits your needs:

Group Coaching


6 weeks

Once/week sessions

Meetings on Zoom

Maximum of 10 people

1-1 Coaching


6 sessions +2 Bonus

Eight 45-minute coaching sessions

10 weeks of unlimited Voxer support

Meet on Zoom

Hybrid Option


Participate in the group coaching program

Get 8 sessions of 1-1 personal coaching

Unlimited Voxer support for 10 weeks